The Ark safe spaces can be found in the following settings:



Supported housing for women providing guidance and mentoring towards positive change. The residence accommodates 5 women.

We work in partnership with an organisation called '  Green Pastures'  to provide a home in the eye of the storm.

We have been taking referrals since September 2018. Individuals can be added to our waiting list even whilst full. Please get in touch for more information.

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A time where men can get together to encourage each other in the daily challenges of life whilst walking, talking and taking part in different fitness activities.

To find out when the next session will be held, contact Rob : 07375112502


she breathes

The new 'she' series meets every week to give people the opportunity to pause, take a breath and think about new ways of responding to our every day challenges. That, and to enjoy a good cuppa, some cake and great conversation.

For more details contact Sarah: 07958682895


Community connect

Community Connect @ the Cafe will bring all generations from the community together to connect at local cafes over tea, coffee and conversation.

We will be getting together on a monthly basis. For more information, please get in touch.


china and chats

A ladies pop up event that provides space  for ladies to gather together over China and Chats whilst, enjoying different activities such as a clothes swap party ,  or an inspiration day to name but two! 

 For more details contact Sarah: 07958682895