Safe Spaces

The Ark safe spaces can be found in the following settings:


The Ark Cabin

We purpose built this small safe space during Covid 19 in order to help people reintegrate back into community after isolation. This small space allows for social distancing, good ventilation and is a non threatening environment.

menmountain (1).jpg

Iron Sharpens Iron

A time where men can get together to encourage each other in the daily challenges of life whilst walking, talking and taking part in different fitness activities.


Community Connect

Community Connect brings all generations from the community together in different settings. It normally starts off with good conversation over coffee in the Ark Cabin and then a game or a walk!


Japheth House

Supported housing for men providing guidance and mentoring towards positive change. The residence accommodates 5 men.

We work in partnership with an organisation called 'Green Pastures' to provide a home in the eye of the storm.



Beyond started during covid 19 in order to provide women with support and encouragement on line during lockdown. The group connects women of all ages together and aims to gather women together not only on line but also at the Ark Cabin.